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Title: Children's Short Stories

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Sub Title:Book 1
Author:Sheila Helliwell
Age group:up to 6
Size:310mm wide x 220mm high (A4 Landscape)
Format:Hardback, laminated cover, pages 150gsm
Illustrations:Every page illustrated in full colour (by leading children's illustrator Maciej Zajac)
Weight:505gm (approx 18oz)
Outline:5 of Sheila's most popular stories to date: Hippo in the Pantry, The Tree that Cried, The Leafless Fairy, Monty the Monster and The Glass Snowman. No matter how young you are you'll enjoy this collection of short stories which are loved by both young children and the young at heart. Come on this special journey and visit the lives of some loveable and enchanting characters that are part of every child's imagination, which many adults have long forgotten. As you read each story, you'll see them come to life through the outstanding full page illustrations, perfect for encouraging an early interest in reading.
RRP:9.99 (UK Pounds - no price marked on book)
Stock:Over 1000 in stock for immediate dispatch
Quantity: @ 7.99 (9.99) UK pounds each

Title: Hoonraki Moon

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Sub Title:The Murphy Stories Book 1 of 6
Author:Sheila Helliwell
Age group:5 to 11 years (subject reading age)
Size:150mm wide x 225mm high (6 x 9 inches)
Format:Paperback (glossy cover)
Illustrations:15 full page (by leading children's illustrator Maciej Zajac)
Weight:125gm (approx 5 ozs)
Outline:Three young children move into an old, rundown house where they are amazed to meet Magic Murphy, a nine-inch tall leprechaun, living in an old oak tree at the bottom of their garden. Through the power of Murphy's magic, they embark on a journey they could never imagine in their wildest dreams. Come with Susan, Mark and Steven as they discover that magical worlds do exist - you only have to believe !
When the full moon is tinged with green it's known as a Hoonraki Moon when Leprechauns from around the world gather at the Riddle Tree, which gives forth three clues which lead to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is on such a moonlight night that Murphy takes the three children with him to the enchanted world of Rakidom. The Pure in Heart Gruins, Moragan the Witch, Ramagor the Dragon and Magic add to the adventure, Murphy the hero is forced to choose between the pot of gold and saving the lives of the children.
This gripping series is suitable for five to eleven years (subject reading age). They are split into short chapters, making it ideal for reading aloud and encouraging children reading on their own.
RRP:4.95 (UK Pounds - no price marked on book)
Stock:Over 1000 in stock for immediate dispatch
Quantity: @ 3.96 (4.95) UK pounds each

Title: Gammy

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Sub Title:The Murphy Stories Book 2 of 6
Author:Sheila Helliwell
Age group:5 to 11 years (subject reading age)
Size:140mm wide x 215mm high (5.5 x 8.5 inches)
Format:Paperback (glossy cover)
Illustrations:16 colour full page (by illustrator Paul Hawthorn)
Weight:100gm (approx 4 ozs)
Outline: Gammy carries on from the end of book one (Hoonraki Moon above) where inquisitive little Mark brings back an egg from Rakidom and the creature that hatches out of the egg almost costing Mark his life.
Moragan the witch has to help Magic Murphy but accidently mixes the dry blood from a magical cat which Gammy absorbs.
Book 2 (Gammy) introduces the 'Nasty' neighbours that live near the children. With the help of Murphy's magical powders and spells, the spiteful son of the neighbours, get his come-uppance from Murphy and Steven.
Gammy's powers are growing all the time but will he use them for good or evil?
23 Full colour illustrations, 16 full page. Split into short chapters, making it ideal for reading aloud and encouraging children reading on their own.
RRP:7.95 (UK Pounds - no price marked on book)
Stock:Over 1000 in stock for immediate dispatch
Quantity: @ 6.36 (7.95) UK pounds each

Title: Elliot's Amazing Adventures

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Sub Title:Number 1
Author:Linda Farrelly
Age group:5 to 11 years (subject reading age)
Size:191mm wide x 235mm high (7.5 x 9.25 inches)
Format:Paperback (glossy cover)
Illustrations:19 full colour, 8 full page (by Linda Farrelly)
Weight:130gm (approx 5 ozs)
Outline: Elliot's Amazing Adventures features a young boy (Elliot) who grows in confidence through each adventure, learning along the way about some of life's values through humour and friendship.
The rhyming verse style much enjoyed by children fits perfectly into the UK Schools National Curriculum.
Book Number 1 includes 8 Amazing Adventures, there are currently over 40 Elliot's Adventures in the series. Linda's prolific and unstoppable writing talent will add countless further adventures.
The books have larger pages, 191mm (7.5 inches) wide x 235mm (9.25 inches) high with large easy read print to help develop reading skills.
RRP:9.95 (UK Pounds - no price marked on book)
Stock:Over 1000 in stock for immediate dispatch
Quantity: @ 7.96 (9.95) UK pounds each

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